Our Team

Our team is comprised of a select group of individuals that have one mission, to provide service quality unparalleled in our supported industries. We all live by a moral code built on trust, honesty and hard work. We recognize the importance of working together as a team to not only maintain efficiency but ensure the best customer experience for our clients.

Founder, Mitchell E. Greenblatt

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Mitchell's passions lie in the investment, developement and sales industries. After starting his first company in 2001, RedWire Computers, he quickly became known for his entrepreneurial spirit. With over nine years of business ownership experience it was time to create The Greenblatt Group--the company encompassing all of his most valued interests and skills.
E: mitch@thegreenblattgroup.com
P-Toll-Free: 888.844.7687 x 1
P-Direct: 425.765.8460

Business Development, Jin W. Lee

Jin brings a decade of flawless marketing and management skills in real estate and consumer products to The Greenblatt Group. He is responsible for two successful business start-ups and has experience in all forms of
business operation. He is still actively involved in his latest venture, Reaction-Inc., offering varied real estate sales and development solutions. TGG routinely partners with Reaction-Inc to guarantee the success of its projects. Jin received his Bachelors degree from the University of Washington in 2002 and an MBA from Northwest University in 2005. As the title states, he is a master in business development and promotion. No one can social network like this man can.

Marketing & Project Management, Craig E. Allen

Craig is a special breed of individual. He employs the most creative mind of any man walking this earth. There is no hurdle that Craig can not overcome. His mind is on 24 hours a day and you know it from the moment you meet him. His ingenuity will help TGG succeed well into the future. Mr. Allen graduated from the University of Washington in 2007 with an Economics focus. He started his own renewable energy consulting company, Mass Energy Systems, in 2006. The company aims to help needy countries combat high energy prices and at the same time help overpopulated countries combat global warming. TGG is proud to be involved in many of MES's projects and looks forward to more in the near future.

Finance & Information Technology, Loren G. Anderson

Mr. Anderson keeps our company on the cutting edge of technology, our books up-to-date and most importantly, honest during tax season. He leads an adventurous lifestyle with more energy than a pack of wolves. His city-based treasure hunting web site SeattleTreasure.com has become a major Seattle sensation. His collegiate focus at Western Washington University was business management and technology while specializing in web-design. He approaches life with a matter-of-fact attitude and never strays from his ideals. Loren is one of the most honest individuals on this planet. He is an asset to our team and we are proud to have his excellence influence the current operations and future of our company.